Why I started Innotiom – and how it relates to Mautic’s mission

For several years now, I’ve wanted to have my own “thing”. My own business, a focus that I can put my energy and my learning into. I’m hoping Innotiom is that thing.

I say “hoping” because right now this is just a project, not really a business. When I first learned about Mautic back in (I think) September 2016, I realized that if Mautic really is going to follow, in any sense, the WordPress business model, that there will be some sort of ecosystem around the core product.

Think about WordPress – it’s a fantastic platform! Not only is WordPress core terrific right out of the box, but there are also a ton of plugin, theme, and service businesses that can make WordPress do (almost) whatever you want.

When I discovered that Mautic received $5 million in VC funding, I think that was a signal that the idea – and team behind Mautic – has potential. An open source marketing automation platform has potential.

But there are a lot of things that I (and most of the Mautic community, I suspect) am completely clueless about. For example, what kind of energy and resources are going into Mautic.com sales and marketing versus building a stronger community for the self-hosted, Mautic.org side of things? I would think that growing the number of users would be a priority, but I’m not sure. Here’s a bit from the Mautic “about” page:

Mautic is driven by the belief that every organization should have the power to understand, manage, and grow their business in a meaningful way. We’re focused on helping this become a reality by getting powerful marketing automation tools into the hands of every business who needs it.

I like that! And it directly relates to why I started Innotiom. In broad, somewhat vague terms, I enjoy helping people take advantage of technology to make their lives and businesses better. In more detail, one big part of this is helping people take full advantage of the free and very affordable software that already exists!

Take MailChimp, for example. Very popular email service provider, especially among solopreneurs and small businesses. But I know that hardly anyone is really getting into things with segments, Goals, a/b testing, Google Analytics tracking, automations, etc. There’s so much you can do! But I also know that as a business owner, it really is about time. As in, most people just don’t have – or won’t take – the time to go through and learn about all of MailChimp’s features.

But back to Innotiom and Mautic. There are several reasons I’ve decided to spend some of my time on this project (Innotiom). Two big ones:

  • I get to be the first company creating email templates for Mautic. It’s good to be first, although in terms of making money it only really matters if Mautic grows.
  • Being involved in a community from the early stages is fun for me. I helped open a restaurant several years ago, and I was the second employee hired at an edtech startup in Boston (where I currently work part time).

Finally, I want to add that if Mautic is going to grow, it needs to be more accessible to non-technical marketers. Sounds obvious, I suppose. I’m not saying Mautic will not grow while it still requires some technical know-how to set up! There are new companies popping up regularly that offer the service of hosting/managing a Mautic installation for you. And there are companies that already provide similar services for other software, and are adding Mautic to their repertoire.

Anyway. The idea here is to make it easier to send good looking emails with Mautic. Mautic – and most marketing automation – is email-driven, after all.