Sync WordPress Users with Mautic (The Easy Way)

Want to send new WordPress users over to Mautic – without Zapier or some other tool? The easiest way that I’ve found is to use WP Fusion.

WP Fusion is a paid plugin, but you can start with the free version – WP Fusion Lite – which enables a one-way sync from WordPress to Mautic.

Even though free version will not push Mautic contacts to WordPress, it still has several valuable features, including:

  • Automatically create (and tag) new contacts in Mautic when users register in WordPress
  • Push WordPress user data to Mautic using custom fields
  • Import Mautic contacts as new WordPress users and automatically generate passwords for them, and auto-notify of new account via email
  • Push updated contact info from WordPress to Mautic whenever a user updates their WordPress user data
  • Sync contact tags from Mautic whenever a user logs into WordPress

The integration process is very straightforward:

  1. In Mautic, make sure you’ve enabled Basic Authentication API access.
    1. Go to Mautic Settings > Configuration > API Settings
    2. Set API enabled? to Yes
    3. Set Enable HTTP basic auth? to Yes
    4. Make sure to save your changes.
  2. Install WP Fusion Lite.
  3. Go to the WP Fusion settings, choose Mautic as your CRM, enter your credentials, and connect!

Once active, WP Fusion will only add newly registered users to Mautic – it will not automatically sync existing WordPress users.

If you want to send all existing users to Mautic, go to the Advanced tab in WP Fusion settings, and look for the the Export Users option under Batch Operations.