Rod Martin – Director of Training at Mautic

As the first guest on the podcast, Rod talks about his role at Mautic, the excitement and opportunities in the Mautic community, and a new Mautic 101 course that he’s developing!

Rod has extensive experience speaking on a variety of topics, including Leadership, Open Source Content Management Systems, and Education. He’s created over 500 training videos for OSTraining, ranging from one minute pro tips on YouTube to massive online courses for Joomla or Drupal.

Beyond the impressive resume, I came away from our conversation feeling like Rod is a really great guy who has a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share. I encourage you to check out his personal site,

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Show Notes

  • Rod tells us about what he does as Director of Training at Mautic [1:24]
  • How Rod ended up joining the Mautic team [3:01]
  • Balancing the needs of Mautic Pro vs. self-hosted [5:24]
  • Rod’s suggestions for newcomers to contribute to the Mautic community [8:27]
  • We talk about the international nature of the Mautic community [12:49]
  • Rod on his personal philosophies, and how they affect his life and work [17:16]
  • Where the Mautic team is located, and how the culture is changing [22:58]
  • Who on the Mautic team interacts with the community? [26:48]
  • The upcoming Mautic 101 Course – what to expect [29:27]
  • The most underappreciated feature of Mautic, according to Rod [32:52]