How to Send Ringless Voicemails with SlyBroadcast and Mautic [Video]

Did you know you can send “ringless” voicemails? The voicemail just shows up on your contact’s phone – they’ll see a missed call, a voicemail waiting, but their phone never rang.

The service I use for this is called SlyBroadcast.

And you can use the built in “Send a webhook” campaign action in Mautic to deliver a voicemail using SlyBroadcast! Nice. Here’s your tutorial:

SlyBroadcast docs:

Video transcript:

Hey there, this is Chris from Innotiom. In this video I’m gonna show you how to deliver ringless voicemails using SlyBroadcast and Mautic.

And in this video I’m gonna assume a couple things, one that you already have Mautic up and running and also that you are familiar with the basics of how campaigns work in Mautic.

An example of how I’m using this with one of my clients is that they’re an agency that does lead generation for dental practices. So for example they will run Facebook Ads and collect leads that way, and then we send those leads to Mautic and we’ll follow up with them via email – say “you can click here to go schedule an appointment” – and then we can also follow up with them with voicemail.

So we can automatically deliver a voicemail to their phone that says “hey, thanks for your interest in such and such special that you saw on Facebook, please give us a call back to schedule your appointment”.

There are undoubtedly way more use cases for delivering voicemails – I know this is used a lot by sales teams – but that’s just one use case. It really just gives you another channel to work with. So let’s get into it.

So to start, you’re going to need a SlyBroadcast account, and their pricing is actually pretty good if you just want to test it out. You can get 100 voicemail deliveries for $10 – it’s just a one time, pay-as-you-go kind of thing. So I’ve already created an account, so let me sign in here.

Once you have your SlyBroadcast account, what you’re gonna have to do is upload an audio file. To do that, come up here to manage audio, upload or create new recording, give it a name, and then use this upload recording button and you can grab something from your computer. Then hit upload.

I’ve already uploaded a test file here called Test 1. Make sure you take note of that file name that you give it, and then we’re ready to dive into Mautic!

What we’re going to do is just test this out. Obviously you could use this as part of any campaign, but for the purposes of this tutorial we’ll just create a test campaign to work with.

So create a new campaign and we’ll call it voicemail test, and let’s launch the campaign builder. We’ll choose a segment, and the action we’re gonna use to send this voicemail is a webhook. So we’re gonna choose send a webhook, and then we’ll say deliver voicemail.

Now this is where it gets a little bit technical. What I’ve done is I’ve already set up a campaign and tested it, so I’m gonna show you exactly what you need to put in here. But if you have any questions or you want to try some other variations of this, I’ll link to the SlyBroadcast documentation here so that you can take a look at that.

So the first we need to get is the URL, and this is always the same. So if you come up here you’ll see all requests must be submitted using this URL and the post method: We’ll copy that and POST.

Next we need to add the actual data. So the first two things that you need are user ID and password, and I’m not going to put in my actual info here. But this would just be chris at or whatever your SlyBroadcast account is, and then your password.

Then the next thing we’re going to need is the audio file that we want to send. Here we go – c_record_audio. So you have two options for sending the audio, you can use an audio file hosted somewhere else outside of SlyBroadcast, or you can just – as I showed – upload an audio file to SlyBroadcast and use that, which is what I recommend if you’re just testing.

So this c_record_audio, what you have to put in here is the exact name of the audio file, case sensitive, in your account. So c_record_audio and if we look at this, this is the name here, and that’s the same thing as the name we created here when we uploaded the audio file.

Okay, we need three more items here.

The next thing that we need is the date. So if you are using custom fields or you have some date field that you want to use to populate this, you can do that. For the purposes of this test, we can just use now, and that will send the voicemail as soon as it hits this step in our Mautic campaign.

And then we need to have the caller ID. This is the phone number that’s going to show up as – on the contact’s phone – as what it looks like this voicemail was delivered from. So you can put in whatever phone number you want people to see. This may be the phone number you want them to call back to. If they have visual voicemail this would display.

And then the last part here is the destination phone number, what phone number do we actually want to call. And that is the c_phone. Here we need to actually put in the contact phone number. So let’s go back into Mautic and if you don’t know how to get this, one of the easy ways to do it is to just create a new email. And there’s probably a much easier way to do this, but if we come in here, a little tip, you can use the token or you can just type this left curly brace, and you can start searching.

So in this case we want to use use {contactfield=phone}. Now keep in mind there are a couple phone fields in here by default, there is also a mobile so you’ll need to make sure you use the correct field depending on where you’re storing your contact phone numbers. So we’ll paste in {contactfield=phone} here.

Okay so we’re sending a webhook, this is the URL, then we have your username and password for your SlyBroadcast account, the audio file name, the date that we want to deliver, what’s the caller ID, and the the field phone number. And we’ll press add and close builder, and save and close.

And if we head back to campaigns, obviously I didn’t put in my real password there. But I did create a campaign here earlier, so let’s give it a test.

Go to contacts and I’ve already created a contact for myself here and put my phone number in there. So I’m going to put myself into the test campaign that I created, test voicemail. And save.

I believe I have my cron job scheduled to run every minute for the campaigns for this test account. So what we’ll do is we’ll give this a minute and then from our SlyBroadcast dashboard we should momentarily get a new campaign here that shows status of running.

So let’s take a look at my contact and if we scroll down here, we can see contact was identified, contact added to campaign test voicemail, and let’s reload the page and see if that cron has fired yet. There we go. Voicemail test voicemail has been triggered.

Let’s head over to SlyBroadcast again and reload. And there we go! So we now have one voicemail that is running and being delivered, and you can see here this is the callback number, caller ID number, and this is the audio file that it is delivering. And if you click into here you can also see a list of recipients. So you could click that and see what phone number it was triggered to.

And that’s all there is to it!