MaxTraffic Integration, a Crowd Funding Campaign, and more – Mautic Weekly Recap April 14th

MaxTraffic announces integration with Mautic

If you’re a MaxTraffic user, I’d love to hear your review. I’m @chris_calabro on Twitter.

How to Install Mautic Marketing Automation Inside RunCloud Server

A brief tutorial with some helpful screenshots for RunCloud users. RunCloud offers “hassle-free PHP web application & server management panel”.

Read on the RunCloud blog.

Mautic contributor seeks crowd funding for development of new features


Zdeno Kuzmany is a Mautic expert, active community member, and – most importantly in this case – Mautic developer! He’s been contributing to Mautic since 2015. I noticed a message he recently posted in Slack, asking for donations to help fund new features for Mautic. The current features he’s working on are:

  • Ability to use “link clicked” as a Decision in a campaign. Essentially allows you to trigger actions based on someone clicking a specific link in an email, web notification, etc.
  • Bringing UTM tagging (super helpful for Google Analytics) to Mautic core for all channels

Learn more about Zdeno and his crowd funding campaign.

Mautic featured in “The Complete Guide to Start Email Marketing: Step-by-Step Implementation”

This lengthy article looks at a range of email marketing-related topics: evaluating an existing setup and processes, choosing a new email service provider, deliverability considerations, and more. The author recommends Mautic for “Mautic for flexible scale/high hands-on processes”.

Check out the full post on Medium.

[Japanese] Mautic for IDCFcloud

Tutorial for those looking to set up Mautic using cloud services from IDCF. They are based out of Japan.

Post from community member Kohei Nishikawa (in Japanese).