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Mautic TutorialsWelcome! If you're looking for Mautic tutorials, you've found the right spot!

Here you'll find links to official training from the Mautic team, community guides, and tutorials written published by me, Chris Calabro. Please share your feedback or additions by tweeting @chris_calabro.

This page is updated regularly. Last update: May 18, 2017

Table of contents:

Official Mautic Tutorials and Help Resources

Mautic Documentation
The official help docs for – the self-hosted version of Mautic. Start your search here!

Mautic Cloud Help Center
Highly recommended! The official Mautic help center. Plenty FAQs, videos, and a couple mini-courses. Useful for both Mautic Cloud and self-hosted users.

Mautic Community Forums
Trying to solve a problem with your Mautic install? Check the forums first. There's a good chance someone else has already asked about (and hopefully solved!) the same problem.

Mautic YouTube Channel
Helpful videos from the Mautic team, including the Mautic Minute series.

Mautic Upgrades and Troubleshooting

General Troubleshooting | Mautic Documentation
Start here!

Uh Oh, Mautic upgrade was not successful
A very helpful post from John Linhart.

How to Ensure a Successful Mautic Upgrade
Useful tips from the folks at Autoize.

Working with Email in Mautic

Sending Newsletters with Mautic: A Beginner’s Guide
You already know Mautic is great for automation campaigns. But what about sending newsletters with Mautic? I’ll show you how to get started in just a few straightforward steps

How to Change the Background Image in Mautic’s Skyline Email Theme [Video]
The Skyline theme is included with your Mautic install. It looks nice – but if you need to change the background image, this post is for you.

Making Drag-and-Drop Multi-Column Sections Stack on Mobile – Custom Theme Update for Mautic 2.7
If you're planning to add new sections to your custom theme emails using the builder, you'll want to make sure they are mobile-responsive. This post shows you the code you'll need to add to your custom themes.