2.7 Released, VPS Hosting Comparison, New Plugins, an “Ultimate Guide”, and more – Mautic Monthly Recap March 2017

Everything Mautic for March, 2017. There’s a lot here, so I think it may be time to switch to a weekly recap!

Mautic 2.7, and 2.7.1 Released

Version 2.7 includes lots of improvements to the Salesforce integration, and the landing page and email builders have seen significant updates:

New slots are available to enable the user to easily create different different types of content such as images, text, social follows, and gated video. Also, multi column sections have been made available so that the user can have more flexibility in designing their page or email.

Review highlights in the official blog post announcement and get the details in the release notes on GitHub. And if you’re building custom themes, there’s some new CSS youmay want to include in your themes.

Version 2.7.1 followed shortly after, squashing a whole lot of bugs.

Mautic VPS Hosting Comparison

A look at the differences between Amazon Lightsail, DigitalOcean, and Linode for hosting Mautic. A thorough article that takes into consideration the following elements: price, performance, support, backups, and bulk email policy.

In the past we suggested users who want to install Mautic on their own VPS try DigitalOcean. No doubt, we still use DigitalOcean for some of our customers’ Mautic instances but in 2017, the crown for the best Mautic hosting goes to Linode. When you consider price, performance, support and backups, Linode seems to have the entire package. That’s why we are recommending them more often to our Mautic installation customers, and why they’re worth your time to take a look as well.

Read the full article from Autoize.

New Plugin: AutomatePlus – Mautic for Give

If you use the Give plugin to accept donations on your WordPress site, you can now integrate your Give donation forms with Mautic. Use this plugin (in combination with AutomatePlus – Mautic for WordPress) automatically to add new donors to a specific segment in Mautic when they donate to your cause using Give.

Check out AutomatePlus – Mautic for Give in the WordPress plugin directory.

Sending Newsletters with Mautic: A Beginner’s Guide

You already know Mautic is great for automation campaigns. But what about sending newsletters with Mautic? In short, it’s just a three-step process: create a new segment, add your newsletter contacts to that segment, create a segment email and send! This post shows you exactly what to do.

Learn the easy setup for sending newsletters.

New Plugin: SugarCRM/SuiteCRM Mautic integrator by eVolpe available at SugarOutfitters

I actually published a note about this new plugin in last month’s Mautic recap, but this blog post from SugarOutfitters has some nice examples about what you can do with their premium plugin.

Check out the announcement and example screenshots and the features page.

Mautic vs Sendy

A longtime Sendy user compares Mautic and Sendy. Points out that Sendy does one thing very well, but Mautic – with a bit of a learning curve at this point – offers much more:

Mautic is definitely more complicated to setup and configure and requires more tweaking in my opinion than Sendy, but the end result is a great and robust platform to launch multiple different types of marketing automation campaigns.

Read the blog post.

The Ultimate Mautic Setup Guide

There’s some very helpful stuff in this post, including detailed info on configuring Amazon SES for email, list management, and a couple good tips for tracking emails. I want to learn more about managing Mautic instances with Git (yes, I’m pretty new to version control).

Read the full guide from Facet Interactive.

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