Mautic Plugins and Integrations (The Complete List)

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Last updated January 12: Mail-Tester spam testing

Please note: I have not tested these plugins! Make sure you review any information provided by the plugin author about stability and compatibility.

Table of contents:

FYI: On December 21 2017, the Mautic team launch the official Mautic Marketplace on New contributions – plugins, themes, etc. are being called “Mixins”. In the near future I expect that this here humble page that I’ve created will become obsolete. For now, I will continue to add every Mautic plugin I find to this page – including anything that shows up in the marketplace.

Plugins included with Mautic

Mautic plugins included in 2.9

Right out of the box, Mautic comes with a handful of plugins. You’ll find plugins for super popular services such as MailChimp, Hubspot, and Salesforce. So before you go searching for third-party addons, check out Mautic’s official list of integrations.

Given that we’re in the relatively early days of Mautic, the number of plugins available is still growing. I’d expect plugins to continue to be added to Mautic core, but I think (and hope) that the real growth will come from the community.

Mautic is an open source marketing automation platform. The Mautic community will play a significant role in improving the extensibility of Mautic by building plugins and making them available for others.

General Mautic plugins and extensions

concrete5 addon_mautic_tracker
Add Mautic JS tracking code to every page. Easy access to custom parameters programmatically.

Makes cron job management much easier. “Automate tasks, view detailed logs, get notified if s*** happens.”

Compact Docker server for Mautic
“Note: this project is currently in heavy, active development. Quality should be considered alpha, as many pieces of mautic functionality remain untested, and the nginx config is still being tuned.”

Composer Plugin
Created by a Mautic core team member, this is “a Composer plugin that Mautic plugin and theme developers can use to distribute their code.”

Do-It-Yourself Unsubscribe Page
Don’t like the basic Mautic unsubscribe page? Follow the instructions in this forum post to build your own. Note: this is not for those of us who are less technically inclined – you’ll need to be comfortable editing code. Note: as of Mautic version 2.11, the ability to create a custom unsubscribe / contact preference page is now included in Mautic core.

Simple C# client for Mautic API.

Mautic Analytics Tagging Bundle
This plugin can automatically add UTM parameters to your URLs. Very helpful, especially if you’re coming from another platform and used to having this feature. I have a feeling we might see this capability merged into Mautic core at some point.
No longer required – functionality included in Mautic core as of version 2.9.0.

Mautic Command line
“This script allows you to create a new segment email on your Mautic installation from command line. You can use this to automate marketing messages.”

Mautic ESN Plugin
Draft for a plugin for Mautic that adds new slots in the Builder.

Make an HTTP request to somewhere in the world every time an email is sent by Mautic.

Mautic Random
“An enhancer that applies a random number to a field of choice, for AB splitting.”

Mautic reCaptcha Plugin

Mautic Timing Bundle
Allows you to set a cron timing expression on any Campaign action events (such as a “Send Email” action). For example, you could add a cron expression that only allows sending on weekdays during working hours in New York.

Mautic Twig Plugin Skeleton
Skeleton plugin for creating your own twig extensions and registering them in Mautic. Created by Mautic core developer Don Gilbert.

Mautic Whitelabeler
Easily change the logos, colors and company name in the Mautic user interface.

Mautic Rails
Ruby on Rails helper / wrapper for Mautic API and forms.

Mautic Remote Login

Mautic CRM
A plugin that allows you to add tasks and opportunities (CRM-like) to Mautic.

Mosaico email builder for Mautic
A plugin for that adds an email builder based on Mosaico.

Plugin to add “Send alert” action to campaigns
As the link ^^^^ says.

Theme builder for Mautic
Not sure how this works, but it’s on Github.

Twillio SMS Reader for Unsubscribes / Resubscribes
Allows users to be unsubscribed/resubscribed from SMS’s by replying with one of several given key words, such as “STOP”.

Third-party Mautic integrations

“Appointy is a leading online scheduling software designed to help you manage and grow your business by attracting more customers and improving your productivity.”

Campaign Monitor
Send contacts from Campaign Monitor to Mautic.

“Helps you turn any video into a highly effective opt-in form.” (premium)

Open source social networking platform.



Get your customer support hooked up with Mautic! (premium)

Open source, flat-file (no database) CMS.

Plugin for sending SMS messages through Infobip service provider API.

Get your Magento data into Mautic with this integration from MageDirect.
Makes it easy to send email from Mautic for spam testing at


OptinMonster [robson83]
– a very basic plugin developed by a community member (older)
OptinMonster [Muhayshi] – One-way integration that can send OptinMonster form data to Mautic

A platform for organizing team communication, business processes, data and content in project management workspaces.

Open source ecommerce solution.

Simple, open source, flat-file (no database) CMS.

MauticHooks – push your Shopify data to Mautic Currently not available.

A more full-featured (premium) plugin for SugarCRM.

Free and open source web content management system.

Connect Mautic with your WooCommerce customer data.

WP Fusion
Sync your WordPress user information (including membership, ecommerce, and online course data) with Mautic. Also see their blog post announcing the integration, and webhook docs.
Send meetings to Mautic API.

Officially moved out of beta as of Mautic 2.9.0. Click this link to for access.

Also check out the 3rd Party Addons section in the forums on for discussion on requested third-party integrations and potential new plugins.

Mautic plugins for WordPress

Using the WordPress plugin directory
To find WordPress plugins for Mautic, I suggest checking the ‘mautic’ tag in the WordPress plugins directory. Also try a search for Mautic in the plugins directory to uncover any extra plugins that haven’t been tagged.

Plugins you won’t find in the WordPress plugin directory:

Gravity Forms
“The easiest tool to create advanced forms for your WordPress powered website.”

Ninja Forms
Send form data from Ninja Forms to Mautic.

Thrive Leads
Thrive has published a video on how to integrate Thrive with Mautic.

YouTube Logger
Script to log a YouTube video plays in Mautic.