Mautic Plugins and Integrations (The Complete List)

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Last updated Nov 2, 2020: Mailgun, Custom Navigation

Please note: I have not tested these plugins! Make sure you review any information provided by the plugin author about stability and compatibility.

Table of contents:

FYI: On December 21 2017, the Mautic team launch the official Mautic Marketplace on New contributions – plugins, themes, etc. are being called “Mixins”. In the near future I expect that this here humble page that I’ve created will become obsolete. For now, I will continue to add every Mautic plugin I find to this page – including anything that shows up in the marketplace.

Plugins included with Mautic

Mautic plugins included in 2.9

Right out of the box, Mautic comes with a handful of plugins. You’ll find plugins for super popular services such as MailChimp, Hubspot, and Salesforce. So before you go searching for third-party addons, check out the list of built-in integrations.

Mautic is an open source marketing automation platform, which means (I hope!) that the Mautic community will play a significant role in improving the extensibility of Mautic by building plugins and making them available for others.

General Mautic plugins and extensions

Advanced Templates Bundle
“Plugin extends default email template capabilities with TWIG block so you can use advanced templating techniques like conditions, loops etc.”

Alphabetize Mautic custom fields

Simple C# client for Mautic API.

Associate Employees
“Mautic plugin to automatically associate employees with companies by common domain. It checks if the domain in the contact’s email matches any company’s website domain, and associates them when it does.”

Backup Plugin (by Gautit)
“Our plugin allows you to take a backup of your site with the click of a button.”

Barcode Generator

Gautit Cache Clear
Plugin that makes it super easy to clear Mautic cache.

Mautic Campaign Watch
This plugin holds experimental campaign visualizations, and is a work in progress.

Mautic Contact Client
Create integrations/enhancers without touching code. Allows you to send contacts to third parties, supporting virtually any API. Unlike webhooks the result can be used to enhance/modify the contact and virtually any API/Client is supported by chaining API operations as needed. Designed for use by performance marketers who enhance/exchange contacts in mass quantities.

Mautic Deployment using Caprover
This guide assumes that you have a running instance of CapRover.

CFML wrapper
“A CFML wrapper for the Mautic API, giving you the ability to interact with your Mautic installation for marketing campaign management.”

Chart label sums
Add sums to all charts in Mautic.

Mautic Command line
“This script allows you to create a new segment email on your Mautic installation from command line. You can use this to automate marketing messages.”

Contact Profile Form Tabs
Adds submitted form results to contact profile in a new tab.

Custom Import
Create imports from CSV files from a directory, run parallel import processes, remove tags.

Custom Navigation
Allows you to add custom navigation items that load within frame or external pages.

Custom Report

Cron Commands
Script to run Mautic commands from a web page.

Contact Client
Create integrations/enhancers without touching code. Allows you to send contacts to third parties, supporting virtually any API. Unlike webhooks the result can be used to enhance/modify the contact and virtually any API/Client is supported by chaining API operations as needed.

Mautic Contact Hash
“automatically add a hash to a contact based on their email”

Contact Ledger
Historical accounting for contacts. By default Mautic has a field called “Attribution” which is a catch-all financial cost/revenue field for each Contact. This plugin tracks all changes to this field in a “Ledger” for historial tracking and visibility.

Contact Source
Creates easy-to-use API endpoints for receiving contacts from external sources. Designed for use by performance marketers who enhance/exchange contacts in mass quantities.

Mautic Dashboard Warmer
Speed up the dashboard/login by sharing/extending/warming caches.

Custom De-duplicate
Allows custom options for deduplicating contacts. This plugin extends current Mautic deduplicate options.

Do Not Contact Extras
“This Bundle creates an additional Do Not Contact Entity type for managing an uploadable and editable list of items to reference as “add-on” DoNotContact Mautic Entities.”

Extended Field
Allows for hundreds of custom fields. Prevents outages due to field additions/deletions at large scale (when used exclusively). Allows for separation of data for those with HIPAA/PCI concerns.

Fast Contact update
Easily set any contact field to a specific value.

Form Actions
Save custom strings from form and contact fields. For example, create a contact field for  “full name” by combining twig syntax for first and last name.

modify Mautic emails
Easily modify Mautic emails from the database.

Mautic ESN Plugin
Draft for a plugin for Mautic that adds new slots in the Builder.

Mautic Health Check
“Checks the health of the Mautic instance, optionally reporting to This is currently used to find out if certain cron jobs are overdue or overtaxed.”


International Phone Input
This plugin brings International phone input to Mautic forms.

Mautic Media
Pulls cost data from media advertising services for campaign correlation. Currently fills a table called media_account_stats with this data for use by other plugins.

name day bundle
Slovakia and Czech name days as segment filter

Mautic NetSuite Bundle

Owner Rotator for Mautic
This plugin allow assign owner in random rotation after assign to certain owner.

Make an HTTP request to somewhere in the world every time an email is sent by Mautic.

“Plugin for Mautic to send emails with custom parameters.” Also see this helper.

“Increase your customer satisfaction and spending with Amazon and Netflix-like AI powered recommendations. Applicable to your home page, product detail, emailing campaigns and much more.”

Mautic Tag Import
Script to update tags of Mautic contacts based on CSV file.

Mautic Theme Skeleton
A skeleton for the Mautic theme with configured SCSS compiler, css inliner and html minifier.

Mautic Twig Plugin Skeleton
Skeleton plugin for creating your own twig extensions and registering them in Mautic. Created by Mautic core developer Don Gilbert.

Mautic Rails
Ruby on Rails helper / wrapper for Mautic API and forms.

concrete5 addon_mautic_tracker
Add Mautic JS tracking code to every page. Easy access to custom parameters programmatically.

Makes cron job management much easier. “Automate tasks, view detailed logs, get notified if s*** happens.”

Compact Docker server for Mautic
“Mautic docker server on alpine/nginx/php 7.1/local config volume.” Also on Docker Hub.

Composer Plugin
Created by a Mautic core team member. “This plugin will allow Mautic users that manage their instance via composer to easily install your plugins and themes. Simply host your plugin on GitHub, add it to packagist, and you’re ready to go.”

Contact Enrichment
A set of Mautic Integrations to expand lead details

Custom Tags

Extendee Email Settings and Webhook Response and Limiter

Run Mautic on Kubernetes. Or this newer option.

LDAP Authentication

Lead Reporter

Mautic Segment Extras
“A bundle that extends Mautic Lead Bundle’s Lead List (Segment) functionality.”

Mosaico email builder
A plugin for that adds an email builder based on Mosaico.

Name Sanitizer
Very simple script to fix common issues with names on email lists.n

Node.js library for the Mautic REST API

Node.js Mautic API with ES6+async/await

Normalize US States to their abbreviations

Phone Number Normalizer

Plugin to add “Send alert” action to campaigns
As the link ^^^^ says.

A partial Postman collection of Mautic’s REST API

Pull request tester
Makes it easy to test pull requests for upcoming versions of Mautic (including bug fixes, enhancements, new features).

Brings reCAPTCHA integration to Mautic.

Referral Plugin

Remote Login

RSS to email
Generate emails from an RSS feed.

SSO Suite
This package makes it simple to integrate 3 applications for Single Sign On: Onelogin as Identity Provider, SuiteCRM, Mautic.

Sitemap generator
Generate a sitemap of your Mautic landing pages.

Send custom SMS directly from contact profile

Mautic-to-SuiteCRM Webhook Intercepter
“This project is designed to provide a NodeJS web server for responding to Mautic webhook events and aims to provide RESTful JS clients to the Mautic and SuiteCRM APIs to advance Javascript development with these tools.”

Advanced Templates
“Plugin extends default email template capabilities with TWIG block so you can use advanced templating techniques like conditions, loops etc.”

Plugin for for testing configuration setting.

Theme builder for Mautic
Not sure how this works, but it’s on Github.

Very popular plugin. Can be used for sending a contact through a campaign again. Allows you to set a cron timing expression on any Campaign action events (such as a “Send Email” action). For example, you could add a cron expression that only allows sending on weekdays during working hours in New York.

Twillio SMS Reader for Unsubscribes / Resubscribes
Allows users to be unsubscribed/resubscribed from SMS’s by replying with one of several given key words, such as “STOP”.

Twilio SMS feedback
Receive SMS replies and process it by campaigns.

Mautic user limiter
“This plugin disable Mautic features after extend limit of number of identified contacts. You can hide create new contact, new email, campaigns or editation too.”

Easily change the logos, colors and company name in the Mautic user interface.

Third-party Mautic integrations

Links to relevant docs or plugins noting support for Mautic.

Airflow dag to collect data from ej, mautic and analytics


“Appointy is a leading online scheduling software designed to help you manage and grow your business by attracting more customers and improving your productivity.”

BeeFree (email builder)
Experimental integration with BeeFree email builder.

Caldera Forms
Send form data from Caldera to Mautic.
Connect with your website visitors for free using a chatbot widget. This chatbot WordPress plugin from is the easiest way to add a chat widget to your site.

Contao CMS
This extension provides a Mautic integration for Contao CMS.

“Helps you turn any video into a highly effective opt-in form.” (premium)

Dart Mautic API

An integration to bring Mautic marketing automation into Django models.

Push Mautic contacts to your EditNews lists (email marketing service).

Open source social networking platform.

Elementor integration

This plugin allows to send SMS messages through Exotel service provider API. It is based on the current version of Twilio plugin available in the default Mautic install package.


Add Mautic tracking code to your Gatsby site.

Google Authenticator

Open source, flat-file (no database) CMS.


HindIt Plugin

Plugin for sending SMS messages through Infobip service provider API.


Plugin adds Mailgun support to Mautic (older)
Plugin adds Mailgun API support for Mautic v3







OptinMonster [robson83]
– a very basic plugin developed by a community member (older)
OptinMonster [Muhayshi] – One-way integration that can send OptinMonster form data to Mautic

Plivio SMS integration



Prometheus exporter

Simple, open source, flat-file (no database) CMS.






“This plugin allows to send SMS messages through”

A more full-featured (premium) plugin for SugarCRM.

Not sure what this plugin does.

This plugin allows to send SMS messages through Textlocal service provider API. It is based on the current version of Twilio plugin available in the default Mautic install package.


Triggerdialog – Deutsche Post
 Send postcards or letters with Mautic via Deutsche Post.


Premium plugin.

There are several plugins that claim to send WooCommerce data to Mautic. The one I’ve linked above is from the MakeWebBetter team. Also see a newer offering (Nov 2019): wootic which sends data from WooCommerce to Mautic.

WooCommerce Mautic Recombee
Recombee service integration to Mautic for WooCommerce

WP Fusion
Sync your WordPress user information (including membership, ecommerce, and online course data) with Mautic. Also see their blog post announcing the integration, and webhook docs.

Send meetings to Mautic API.

Use Zapier to connect almost anything with Mautic.

Mautic plugins for WordPress

Using the WordPress plugin directory
To find WordPress plugins for Mautic, I suggest checking the ‘mautic’ tag in the WordPress plugins directory. Also try a search for Mautic in the plugins directory to uncover any extra plugins that haven’t been tagged.

Plugins you won’t find in the WordPress plugin directory:

Gravity Forms
Send form data from Gravity Forms to Mautic.

Ninja Forms
Send form data from Ninja Forms to Mautic.

Thrive Leads
Thrive has published a video on how to integrate Thrive with Mautic.
Mautic integration no longer listed.

YouTube Logger
This WordPress plugin allows you to track YouTube video plays for Mautic contacts.