The Unofficial Mautic Newsletter

Est. 2016

Looking for an easy way to stay informed about Mautic? You’re in the right place. I send a weekly (sometimes every other week) email called The Unofficial Mautic Newsletter. (See a recent example.)

Here’s the deal: you don’t get some free PDF when you opt in. There’s no “bonus” or special discount code for joining.

But if you want to stay informed about Mautic, this is the list to be on! You’ll be joining a group of 900+ subscribers who care about being informed and keeping up with the latest Mautic developments.

-Chris Calabro

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As of December 2020, I have retired the newsletter. Thanks for your interest.

So, what is The Unofficial Mautic Newsletter?

The newsletter is a weekly recap of all things Mautic. The email contains links to new plugins, articles, tutorial videos, and more.

Why subscribe?

Most people subscribe because it’s an easy way to make sure you don’t miss anything Mautic-related. There’s a lot of information out there on the interwebs, you know?

Here’s what to expect….

Once a week (or every other week) you will receive an email from Innotiom – which is me, Chris Calabro. The format is very basic, meant to be easy to skim. Want to see what it’s like? Take a look at this recent newsletter.

I comb through and monitor a variety of sources to make sure I find the latest stuff, including: Slack channels, the community forums, Twitter, Google keyword alerts, Mautic/Acquia resources, YouTube, GitHub, and several community blogs.

Have something you’d like featured in the newsletter?

There isn’t an overwhelming volume of content being produced about Mautic right now, which means that almost anything I find will be included in the newsletter. Going forward, however, I expect to curate a bit more. If you have a new tutorial, plugin, event, or other announcement you think would be interesting to the Mautic community, let me know!