2.6 Released, Securing Your Mautic Install – Mautic Monthly Recap February 2017

Here are a bunch of good links covering Mautic-related happenings for February 2017. But these are only links to articles and content in English! And the Mautic community is very much an international one. So I’m going to try to include more articles published by everyone, not just English speakers. If you’d like your post included here, please get in touch!

Mautic 2.6 and 2.6.1 released

Lots of bug fixes, and also introduces Marketing Messages and improved campaign reporting.

Articles & Videos


  • Have you played around with your Mautic dashboard layout? Neither have I. But a community member published a dashboard configuration that might make you reconsider how useful your dashboard can be! Take a look at this forum post: Email Automation Optimized Dashboard [Free Download]

New and Interesting Plugins

  • A new, premium plugin for SugarCRM that has a more full-featured integration. Full contact synchronization, scoring control, etc. Check it out: The SugarCRM & Mautic Integrator by eVolpe
  • If you’re tired of the standard Mautic unsubscribe page, check out this forum post. It shows you how to create your own plugin to set up a redirect for the unsubscribe page.