Mautic 2.3 adds GoToWebinar integration, contact preference center

Mautic GoToWebinar integration now availableIf you’ve been practicing marketing online for any length of time, you know that producing high value webinars can be a powerful lead generation tactic. You’ll also be happy to hear about the new Mautic GoToWebinar integration.

From the Mautic blog:

You can now automatically create contacts in Mautic when individuals register for your events in the Citrix tools from form data in Mautic. In addition, you can pull registrant and attendee data back from the Citrix tools into Mautic and trigger campaigns based on this information.

Yup, that’s right. For all you Citrix fans, Mautic version 2.3 also includes three other Citrix product integrations: GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and GoToAssist.

Note that the official Mautic documentation hasn’t been updated to include details on how each of these integrations works. So if you’re testing out the Mautic GoToWebinar integration, I’d love to hear how it works for you! Tweet @chris_calabro.

Contact Preference Center

Another interesting update is the Contact Preference Center. Although I’ve yet to test it, it seems like we’ll be able to limit the frequency of messages sent per channel, and also pause communication for a specific length of time. You can also add a contact to categories and segments.

The Preference Center also allows you to specify which channel is the “preferred” channel for any individual contact. I’m not sure yet what this means – will setting a preferred channel automatically cut off communication via other channels?

UPDATE: Check out this video from Mautic for more details.

“Content” editor retired

Version 2.3 also sees the removal of the “Content” tab from the email and landing page creation screens. Your options are now to use the Builder, or the new “Code Mode”.

When using “Code Mode”, Mautic gives you a split screen view to view your updates in real time. This is a welcome change for many (myself included) who struggled with keeping code clean in the now-retired content editor.

Mautic split screen "Code Mode"
New, split screen “Code Mode” in Mautic 2.3

For a video summary of the new “Code Mode”, check out this Mautic help page.

Note: as has been the case with recent releases, version 2.3 was rolled out to Mautic Cloud first. Self-hosted update should be available shortly. UPDATE: Self-hosted version was available less than 24 hours later.

To see the full list of updates in version 2.3, head over to the Mautic blog.