How to Set Up the Mautic Facebook Integration, Step-by-Step

This is a step-by-step guide for setting up the Mautic Facebook integration. There’s been a lot of discussion about the Facebook plugin in the Mautic community forums recently, so I thought this would be helpful. Please note: this guide does not apply for Mautic Cloud users (free or premium).

This guide shows you how to get the plugin set up to enable social login with Facebook. “Social login in Mautic is used to sign forms and pre-fill them with matched content, and also to update/create a contact in Mautic with the information gathered from the social profile once the user has been signed in.”

Aside from social login, though, there’s not much else you can use the plugin for. You can’t pull in email addresses using the plugin. As the Mautic docs state, “most of the social networks limited their API since the [Facebook] feature was developed so search by email is not working.”

In this guide, I use the self-hosted version of Mautic (Version 2.2.1.). Update: I tested these steps with Mautic version 2.10.0 and everything works great.

Looking for more ways to integrate Facebook and Mautic?

Check out these two plugins from the community: Facebook Ads Custom Audiences – sync your Mautic segments with Custom Audiences on Facebook; Facebook Lead Ads – send your Facebook Lead Ads over to Mautic.

As of Mautic 2.10.0, you can also use the Facebook Pixel in your campaigns to send contact data to Facebook for use in advertising/retargeting.

How to set up the Mautic Facebook integration

  1. You’ll need a Facebook Developer account
    To get started, you need a Facebook Developer account. If don’t have one already, you can go here to sign up for one, and then click “Create Developer Account” button.
    Create a Facebook Developer account
  2. Create your new Facebook app
    Once you have a developer account, go to At the top right of the page, click the green button that says “Add a New App”. In the window that pops up, fill out your app name, email address, and select a category. Click the “Create App ID” button in the bottom right to proceed.
  3. Go to your app settings
    facebook-app-settingsYou should now be on the “Product Setup” page. From here, click “Settings” in the menu on the left.
  4. Add your website as a platform
    In “Basic Settings”, click the big “+ Add Platform” button at the bottom of the page. In the popup window, choose “Website”. Then enter your website URL in the appropriate field. Make sure you click “Save Changes” when you’re done!
  5. Enter your app domain
    Add your domain to the “App Domains” field. This should match the one you used in the Website Site URL field in the previous step. Again, don’t forget to save your changes.
  6. Open up your Facebook plugin settings in Mautic
    Now it’s time to log into your Mautic installation. From your dashboard, click the gear icon in the top right to open up your settings. Click “Plugins”, and then select the Facebook plugin.
  7. Enter your App ID and App Secret from Facebook
    From your Facebook app settings page, copy the “App ID”. Paste it in your Mautic Facebook plugin settings in the “Client ID” field. Then copy the “App Secret” from your Facebook app, and paste that into the “Client Secret” field in Mautic. Finally, press “Authorize App”! (In the screenshot below it says “Reauthorize” because I previously had a different Facebook app connected.)
    Mautic Facebook integration settings
  8. Complete authorization with Facebook and map contact fields
    Once you click the “Authorize App” button, a new Facebook window will open. Follow the prompts to complete app authorization. Back in Mautic Facebook plugin settings, click the “Contact Mapping” tab to map your contact fields to Facebook fields.
  9. Done!
    Your Mautic Facebook integration is now complete. Make sure the plugin is published (set to “Yes”). Also review the Mautic docs and this community forum post for more info about using Mautic’s social login feature to collect contact data.

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