Mautic 2.8 Released, Intro to Mautic Webinar, Facebook Leads Tutorial, and more – Mautic Weekly Recap April 28th

Mautic 2.8 Released

The latest version of Mautic includes lots of neat stuff: ability to include reports, mailer-as-contact-owner, increased builder functionality, and more. Plus improvements to the Salesforce integration, One Signal integration (mobile push notifications!), and a new Twilio integration.

See: full release notes and the blog post announcement.

Introduction to Mautic Webinar

In a recent FAQ published in the official Mautic Help Center, you’ll find a new, free one hour webinar being offered! The signup page says it will be “a brief introduction to Mautic” and cover “Mautic workflows: configuration, contacts, components, channels and campaigns” plus Q&A. Check it out!

Video: How to Add a Hero Image in a Landing Page

A new video from the Mautic team on how to add/change the hero image in a Mautic landing page without converting it to “Code Mode”.

Video: TYPO3 Mautic Extension: version 0.0.2

Using TYPO3? A few weeks ago I noted the new integration for Mautic on my plugins page – now there’s a helpful video to help you set up the integration.

New FAQ Items from the Mautic Help Center

Here are three new FAQs that were published this week:

Video: Mautic Facebook Leads Integration Using Forms

This video shows how you can send your Facebook leads to Mautic using Mautic forms. Hooray for more Facebook integration options!

A Tip from the Forum: How to set up a fallback for personalized content

Example: if you want to personalize an email by including the first name token, but you don’t have their first name in the contact record – use the fallback!

Captcha prevents Spam Bots in your Mautic Email Lists

Helpful post on setting up your own captcha-type requirement with a Mautic form. Note: published in Portuguese by Luiz Eduardo Oliveira Fonseca – if you use Google Chrome, it will offer to translate the content to your language 🙂

Creativity Needs Flexibility

New post from the official Mautic blog. “The days of cobbling together dozens of solutions to run marketing campaigns is nearing the end.”