Jackie Liu – Solutions Architect at Autoize

Jackie and I talk about the biggest reasons people are switching to Mautic, some of the integration and workflow possibilities using Zapier, and a few things to be aware of when using Mautic in production.

Autoize is focused on enabling businesses with open source by taking the mystery out of effectively using and maintaining a self-hosted solution such as Mautic.

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Show Notes

  • Jackie introduces himself, what he does, when he discovered Mautic [1:08]
  • Three of the biggest reasons people are moving to Mautic [3:38]
  • One significant benefit: control over your own data [6:15]
  • Jackie talks about Zapier + Mautic [11:45]
  • New features in Mautic 2.8 that Jackie is already using [15:58]
  • Getting started with reports in Mautic [17:45]
  • The most underappreciated feature of Mautic, according to Jackie [21:42]
  • Important things to consider when using Mautic in production [25:22]
  • How to get in touch with Jackie [28:02]