Highlighter: A free Mautic email newsletter theme

Highlighter is a free Mautic email newsletter theme. I’ve used a responsive email design to build a theme that’s simple, clean, and easy to edit using Mautic’s email builder.

Be warned that this is a very unrefined theme. Some things are pretty buggy – especially the buttons when editing in the email builder. And the Mautic email editor (Froala) can be buggy, too. This is really just an experiment that I thought I share for others interested in, well, experimenting.

I’m making this available as is, in case you want to try it out. As I learn/figure out more about Mautic-specific email creation, I might update the theme.

Update, March 2017:

I’ve now spent several months building and testing Mautic themes. I’ve rebuilt this theme so that everything is fully compatible and easily editable using Mautic. Hooray!

This theme is also tested for compatibility on iOS devices, Android email clients, Apple Mail, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Office365, and more. Your email will look good everywhere.

Update, January 2018:

A new, updated version of the theme is now available! I’ve moved on from the original orange style, and coded a brand new design with similar layout.

How to install Highlighter as a new theme for Mautic

First, download the Highlighter theme zip file. (If you’re looking for the older version, it’s here).

Next, from your Mautic dashboard, click the gear icon in the top right to open up your settings. Click “Themes” to open the themes page.

In the top right corner you have the ability to upload a new theme. Click the “Browse…” button, and choose the highlighter.zip file that you just downloaded. Then click “Install”. Once installed, you should receive a little notice saying “Theme highlighter has been installed!”

That’s all there is to it. Nice work.

Creating a new email

Now that you’ve installed Highlighter as a theme, you can use it to create new emails as you normally would, right inside Mautic. No need to copy and paste any code. Highlighter will show up as a theme option when you go to create a new email.

Click here to download Highlighter, a free Mautic email newsletter theme. And feel free to share with anyone else you know who uses Mautic!


p.s. – I have more free and premium Mautic email templates

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