Ecommerce 2 – a free Mautic ecommerce email template

This template was designed to be used for abandoned cart emails. But I’m calling it a general Mautic ecommerce email template, because with a few updates to the text, I think you could come up with a few different ways to use it!

About this Mautic ecommerce email template

Originally created by Email Monks, this template was made available through the Litmus Community under an MIT license (thanks #emailgeeks!). I took the plain html and made some minor modifications to make it work for Mautic. The default content of the email “gets customers back into the purchasing mindset through the use of a limited time offer, along with social proof, and links to related products.”

Keep in mind that this template was not originally designed for use with Mautic, so it may offer a little less flexibility compared to our premium templates.


You can download the theme zip file below, and then just install as you would install any other Mautic theme. In this case, you won’t see a landing page or form component, though – just the email template.

Template details
  • Includes four Mautic-defined sections with editable wrapper and content background colors
  • You can also add your own multi-column sections, and those will be mobile-responsive
  • You can edit all text and images, plus add new slots in almost any area
  • Tested to look good across all major email clients and devices
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