Display content based on app installed or not

If you’re a brand with both a web presence and mobile apps, I’m guessing that you promote your mobile apps in your emails.

I see this all the time, particularly in footers – the App Store and Google Play badges, often alongside social icons.

But what if you wanted to hide those app badges for people who’ve already downloaded your app?

Here’s one way to do it with Liquid conditional logic:

{% if {{${last_used_app_date}}} == nil %}
App download badges here
{% endif %}

There are a few different app-related attributes you could try, but last_used_app_date was what I went with.

At first I was trying to check if the attribute was blank – because that’s what is used in the Braze docs on account for null attribute values. But that wasn’t working for me – so after checking in with Braze support, I ended up using nil.