How to Customize Your Mautic Form Styles [Video]

I recently noticed a post in the Mautic community forums asking how to change the button styles for a Mautic form. The community provided some helpful answers! Essentially, all you need to do is edit your button and add style attributes to your form.

So for example, if you edit your submit button and click the Attributes tab, you can paste in a style such as the one in this image, to change the background color to red:

That works well if you just need to style a single button. But what if you want to style the entire form? Or create a re-usable style?

Let’s see how you can take your form styles to the next level with custom themes.

Check out this video tutorial for details on editing your buttons, and then creating your own custom form styles.

Tip: Skip to 3:55 if you just want to learn about making a custom theme with your own form style.