How to Connect Contact Form 7 with Mautic [Video Tutorial]

In this video, you will learn how to send the data from your Contact Form 7 form submissions to Mautic. We’ll use the CF7 Mautic Extension plugin to integrate Contact Form 7 with Mautic.

To keep thing simple, I use a very basic contact form in the video. But remember, you’re not limited to just integrating “contact” forms!

You can use the Contact Form 7 plugin to create all kinds of forms – including opt-in forms for collecting leads. There are a two main things I like about using a CF7 form:

  1. By default, CF7 doesn’t redirect the user to a new page after submitting the form. It just displays a confirmation message. You can do this with a Mautic form, of course, but if you’re comfortable with CF7 it can be nice to manage it all within WordPress.
  2. Tracking form submissions in Google Analytics is pretty easy with CF7. See this help doc. Once you’re tracking form submissions as Events, you can set up a Google Analytics Goal. Super useful.

How to Connect Contact Form 7 with Mautic