How to Change the Background Image in Mautic’s Skyline Email Theme [Video]

Mautic's Skyline email theme thumbnailIf you like Mautic’s Skyline email theme but want to change the background image, this post is for you.

As one of the default email themes included in Mautic, Skyline is clean and easy to modify. This is especially helpful for those of you who are new to Mautic, or if you just don’t want to spend lots of time messing around in murky email code.

The one problem with Skyline is that the background image can’t be changed. Mautic’s built in email editors (Froala or Builder) are useless in this situation – unless you plan to get into the code.

Note: if you’re already comfortable editing html and modifying Mautic themes, then this tutorial will be boring for you. And you probably aren’t reading this anyway, because you saw the title and thought, I don’t need help with that. For everyone else… let’s proceed!

How to change the background image in Mautic’s Skyline email theme

This video will show you how to create your own Mautic theme. You will create a copy of the default Skyline theme, and modify it to add your own background image.

Please note: in this video, I am using a self-hosted installation of Mautic, version 2.2.1. To edit the Skyline email.html.twig and config.json file, I use Atom, a free text editor.