Custom Mautic Themes – Solutions for Agencies

Are your clients asking for customized email templates? I've spoken with several agency owners who want to offer better email options to their clients, but don't have the time or expertise manage it themselves.

Sure, you can use some free email builder, and copy and paste the code into Code Mode. But this isn't a solution that works well if your clients want to be able to actually edit their emails without messing up the code.

If you're an agency and want to offer custom email options for your clients, here are two ways we can work together:

Option 1: Unbranded, ready-to-go templates that can be customized with your clients logo, font, colors, and images.

Here's how it works:

  1. I provide you with screenshots of email templates that you can share with your client – a few of basic transactional layouts, and a handful of newsletter options.
  2. Your client picks out the templates they like, and provides their logo, colors, etc.
  3. You give me that info – and I customize the template to meet your client's needs.
  4. You pay a fixed price per template, so you know what your costs will be and can charge your client whatever you'd like.
  5. You receive the final theme files, ready to install via the Mautic dashboard.

Option 2: Fully custom email template

Clients looking for a truly custom solution can get a fully custom email theme built to their exact specs. Two way to approach this:

  1. Email development only. You provide a design file (PSD, Sketch, etc.) – and I code it up and package as a Mautic theme file.
  2. Design + development. This takes a little longer. We'll have a conversation about what your client's goals are, and come up with a design to meet those goals and match their branding. (Consider reviewing this post from Seth Godin before beginning!)

Interested in working together?
Contact me and let's discuss! We'll figure out the best way for you to offer better email to your clients.