Intro to A/B Testing, Zapier Guide, Hustle Integration, New Email Templates, and more – Mautic Weekly Recap May 5th

Video: Introduction to A/B Testing

New help article from the Mautic team includes a video on how to run an A/B test for landing pages and emails.

Hustle WP Plugin Now Integrates with Mautic

Hustle offers popups, slide-ins, etc. for email opt-ins on your site. The plugin comes from the wpmudev folks, and has excellent reviews.

New Mautic Email Templates from Innotiom

I’ve published two new premium templates – Dedham and Dedham Note.

Video: Editor Updates in Mautic 2.8

A release notes doc from the Mautic Help Center includes a new video on the recent editor updates in Mautic 2.8 – new code mode and dynamic content slots.

Zapier Integration for Mautic

A helpful post from Autoize detailing some of the uses cases for Zapier + Mautic, and how to get the plugin! Hint: you’ll need to log into Zapier and then use this special Mautic app invite link to build your app.

Is Marketing Automation Living up to Your Expectations?

New blog post from the Mautic team.